Investing in innovation

We’ve partnered with Culture Mile to launch the CULTURE MILE FUSION PRIZE, a competition that will invest in innovative and impactful ideas to equip young Londoners with the skills they need to meet the demands of today’s employers.

We’ve partnered with Culture Mile to launch the CULTURE MILE FUSION PRIZE

With a judging panel of innovators and cutting-edge thinkers, access to Culture Mile and East Bank experts, and a £50,000 prize for the winner, the Culture Mile Fusion Prize will invest in solutions that address the growing skills gap faced by many young Londoners. The prize aims to develop fusion skills that are essential for the modern workplace – a mix of communication, thinking, organisational and creative skills - and to ensure that nobody is left behind on the journey towards a fulfilling career. 

The competition responds to evidence that participation in cultural activities can help develop fusion skills, and invites passionate individuals and teams to work together to pitch ideas for innovative programmes or products that are designed to develop the skills of London’s young people and children through cultural experiences.

The Culture Mile Fusion Prize will be judged by a panel of people renowned in the culture, entrepreneurial, business and education sectors. Chaired by Sonita Alleyne, the judging panel will include Sharon Ament, Sanaz Amidi, Stephen Bediako, Juliet Can, Alison Coward, Alison Gowman, Stephen Heppell, Clive Holtham and Asif Khan.

Starting in September, a series of events will take place for applicants, giving them the opportunity to engage with speakers and take part in workshops and networking sessions to inspire and develop their ideas and hone their solutions. Schools, charities, businesses, colleges, universities, and anyone interested in skills development, cultural learning, social mobility or the talent pipeline will also be invited to the events, to work together and use the power of diversity to spark innovation.

The entry process for the Culture Mile Fusion Prize will launch later this summer and the deadline for entries will be mid-January 2020. The finalists will be announced in February 2020 and the winner in May 2020. Be it an idea for an app, a programme, workshop, or a new piece of technology, the winner of the prize will receive £50,000 to implement their idea.

Catherine McGuinness, Chair of Policy and Resources Committee, City of London Corporation:

“It is essential that we address the skills gap currently faced by many young people, so that we can help maintain London and the UK’s competitiveness on the world stage. Fusion skills, which are a key requirement for employers searching for engaged and creative workers, can play a crucial role in realising these aims. Culture Mile brings together the very best of the City of London’s cultural and educational resources and by harnessing this collective power for the Fusion Prize, we can help address the problem of social mobility facing many young Londoners. I am looking forward to hearing how people work together and come up with innovative ideas, as part of this important and timely initiative.”

Maria Adebowale-Schwarte, Executive Director of Foundation for FutureLondon:

“The Foundation for FutureLondon is delighted to convene a new and exciting partnership with East Bank and the Culture Mile for this dynamic new award. Fusion and innovation skills will be at the heart of a successful, creative and inclusive, modern working environment for East Bank and London. The Culture Mile Fusion Prize will be an exemplar of what can be achieved through collaboration - bringing together multidisciplinary skills to help inspire and equip young Londoners for the workplace of the future.”

Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London, said:

“We believe culture plays a pivotal part in helping to inspire and develop new skills but we can always do more. The Culture Mile Fuzion Prize will enhance the role we as cultural and educational organisations can play and, by investing in young people, provide them with fantastic opportunities to learn from industry insiders and hone these important skills, meaning they’re better equipped for their future careers. I am proud to be on the panel among some of the best and brightest from a range of sectors, and part of the inspiring collaboration between Culture Mile and Foundation for FutureLondon with East Bank and I’m looking forward to see how the prize evolves in the coming months.”